Viana Blue, the art of luxury

At Viana Blue we believe in the power of design to transform.

To transform the person wearing it and to inspire those around.

We believe beauty is deep and the art of craftsmanship is held in the hands of the designers who create it.

Their skill is something we strive to put back into the heart of everything we do.

Our jewelry is made using the ancient art of the filigree technique.

Our designs seek to redefine luxury as a unique concoction of expertise, craftsmanship and high-end design.  

“Jewelry is the art that contains all others"

"We can take it with us without any effort; contemplate us, it defines us and speaks for us”   

-Romeu Bettencourt

Discover the Art of Design

“Luxury is in the details.”

At Viana Blue, our jewelry is designed with inspiration and crafted with exquisite expertise - we bring to you the timeless beauty of filigree.

Discover The Maison

The Finest gold threads

That intertwined, create a rhythm and a new language, in which science, art and technical skill converge.

This is the language used to participate in the writing of a new chapter in contemporary Portuguese filigree.  

Crafting “Filigrana” from delicate threads of gold and transforming them into precious lace-like jewelry requires skill and patience.

It is an art deeply entrenched in Portuguese savoir-faire. When introduced into modern designs filigree brings a refined, poetic dimension to the piece, a whisper of the human touch.  


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