The Maison

Luxury is in the details.


At the heart of Viana Blue, a desire to pay tribute to the traditional expertise of precious jewelry-making, and through its expression, to breathe life into the fine art of contemporary design.

Behind the scenes, a story of pure craftsmanship that is the vital component from which exquisite creations come to life. Each piece, hand-made by expert designers and master craftsmen and women is a reflection of a fine heritage in the creative arts, an expertise passed down through generations.

Viana Blue, the home of genuine luxury.

Our name

Viana do Castelo is the home of filigree in the North of Portugal. Legend has it a lovelorn boatman enamored with a Princess Ana asked every villager if they had seen Ana, to which they answered “Vi-a-ana” - I have seen Ana.

Our own brand, Viana Blue, pays honor to love, beauty and passion.  Viana do Castelo looks out onto the blue of the Atlantic Ocean. The color blue represents Portugal’s  ability to look outwards, it reflects optimism and discoveries. It has historical associations with deep emotions, creativity and inspiration.

The Art of Filigree

Filigree makes evident the idea that true luxury resides in the details. Fine threads and beads of gold are twisted, woven, plaited, soldered, arranged, wielded with the supreme skill to make jewelry of the utmost delicacy.

A delicacy that is poetry-like in its execution and spirit, but that in the sum of its parts is as powerful as it is beautiful and alluring. It is the technical skill of Filigree “Filigrana” that Viana Blue harnesses to bring a new dimension to the language of jewelry design.

Our materials

Luxury is in the details, and elsewhere too. Viana Blue uses the most refined materials. A certified 19,2 carat gold, the highest grade at which the supple quality of gold is preserved. It is the malleability of gold that makes it so rich in creative possibilities.

Filigree Valley

This approach to the art of luxury has a natural home in Portugal. With its history of seafaring and global exploration, and the discovery of gold and precious jewels, the art of Filigree is tightly woven into Portugal’s past. Viana Blue now creates its present.

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